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African ebony wood (Gaboon Ebony)

African ebony wood (Gaboon Ebony)

One day our wishes came true and we gained a real treasure.
African ebony wood (Gaboon Ebony) is very hard and heavy wood of black color with a delicate structure. It comes from a family of tropical timber called gaboon ebony (Diospyros crassiflora). It is used in production of furniture, musical instruments (especially some parts, for example fretboards), decorative objects, intarsia or carvery.

Gaboon Ebony trees typically grow in lower altitudes in tropical forests, the length of their growth is slow and they become mature somewhere between 60 and 200 years of age. All kinds of ebony wood have very thin, grey-white splint (alburnum/living phloem - part of bark which includes living cells and therefore secures nutrition throughout the whole tree - added by CZ/EN translator) and very dark, sometimes completely black heart. The african ebony tree is considered the darkest of the ebony family whatsoever. The only light parts appear seldomly in the shape of light grey or beige stripes. Thanks to its density this wood sinks in water. This wood is very tough, uneasily workable but easily splitted, however it can be polished very well.

We find it a great rarity to have the luck and make something from this wood. It is more than demanding due to its hardness but the result is worth it. There is no other wood that gets your attention as much as ebony.
If you decide to buy any ebony product that we created, just know - it is more than just a piece of ordinary wood. The precious ebony models of ours carry a big story with them. But there is still time for that.


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